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Habitat Restoration & Management

Florida Scrub-Jays




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Habitat Restoration & Management

Changes in Florida Scrub Jay Mgmt Ocala National Forest ~ Garcia to NEFSWG 5.2018

St. Lucie County Environmental Resources Department~ Middlebrook to SEFSEWG 4.2017

WUI Management at Little Big Econ and Charles H Bronson State Forests ~ Stipkovits to NEFSWG 10.2016

UCF Land Management Challenges ~ Jarrett to NEFSWG 10.2016

Wekiwa Springs Urban Interface ~ Lammardo to NEFSWG 10.2016

Threading the fire needle: a case study at the UWI ~ Burgos & Gugliotti to NEFSWG 2015.05

Management of Hickey Creek Mitigation Park and WEA ~ Shattler to SWFSWG 2015.03

Bobwhite Biology & Management ~ Brinkley to BRWG 2015.03

Save the Habitat, Save the Hunt ~ Lackey to BRWG 2015.03

Balancing the Needs of Species in Scrub ~ Tringali to BRWG 2015.03

An Examination of Prescribed Fire Success at Julington-Durbin ~ Corby to NEFSWG 2014.06 and to SWSWG 2014.02

Achieving Balanced Scrub Burning Objectives ~ Garcia to NEFSWG 2013.11

Burning for Scrub-Jays on Buck Lake Conservation Area ~ Henn to NEFSWG 2013.11

Breaking Limitations into Burnable Formations ~ Ramsay to NEFSWG 2013.11

Draft Appendices fo Scrub Management Guidelines ~ Faulhaber to SEFSEWG 2013.10

Weed Management 101: Integrating Methods for Management ~ MacDonald to NEFSWG 2013.06

Restoration of Native Ecosystem Groundcover by Direct Seeding: Methods and Examples ~ Bissett to NEFSWG 2010.04

Groundcover Restoration at the Three Lakes WMA ~Glass to NEFSWG 2010.04

Upland Groundcover Restorations ~ Kelly & Concoby to NEFSWG 2010.04

Restoration from Bahia Grass to Pine Flatwoods Groundcover ~ Matson to NEFSWG 2010.04

Scrub Management Guidelines for Peninsular Florida: Using the Scrub-Jay as an Umbrella Species ~ Kent to SEFSEWG 2009.09

The Northeast Florida Resource Management Support Team ~ Titus to NEFSWG 2009.01

Assessing and Implementing Mechanical Management Techniques to Restore Scrub and Other Uplant Habitats ~ VanGelder to NEFSWG 2009.01

Musings on Mechanical Restoration ~ Dye to SWFSWG 2008.12

Mechanical Reduction: A Few Thoughts ~ Kaiser et. al to SWFSWG 2008.12

Mechanical Treatments Used by the Southwest Florida Management District to Restore Scrub and Other Upland Habitats ~ VanGelder to SWFSWG 2008.12

Under What Conditions Will Scrub Burn ~ Morrison to SEFSEWG 2008.10

Restoration Success Cedar Key ~ DiMaggio to BRWG 2008.04

FSJ Habitat Management on Half Moon WMA ~ Dwyer to BRWG 2008.04

Saddleblanket Scrub: A Strategic Approach to returning Fire to Long Unburned Scrub ~ Morrison to NEFSWG 2008.04

Florida Park Service and Prescribed Burning ~ Mulholland to NEFSWG 2008.04

Habitat Restoration: Lessons Learned…Well, Maybe ~ DePue to NEFSWG 2008.03

Scrub Comminity Restoration on Seminole State Forest ~ Bishop to NEFSWG 2007.07

Roller Drum Chopping on the Ocala National Forest: The Sloppy Chop ~ Hinchee to NEFSWG 2007.07

Mechanical Management of Volusia County Scrub ~ Sleister to NEFSWG 2007.07

Scrub (NEF): Situational Analysis ~ Thomson to NEFSWG 2007.07

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Florida Scrub-Jays

Population Trends of the Florida Scrub-Jay ~ Mecklenborg to SWFSWG 2018.05 (numbers may be outdated)

Translocation of Florida Scrub-Jays: Review of an Essential Conservation Tool ~ Faulhaber to SEFSEWG 2012.10

Statewide Status of Scrub-Jays on Managed Lands ~ Boughton to SWFSWG 2011.03

Florida Scrub-Jays at Oscar Scherer State Park: Unstable Demographic Conditions in a Seemingly Stable Population ~ Fitzpatrick to SWFSWG 2011.03

Habitat, Demography, and Management for the Florida Scrub-Jay: Is It an Appropriate Umbrella Species? ~ Bowman to SEFSEWG 2011.02

Florida Scrub-Jay Translocation Guidelines ~ Faulhaber to BRWG 2010.09

Scrub-Jay Translocation December 2009 ~ Tillman to NEFSWG 2010.04

Jay Watch Results 2009: East Coast Sneak Peak ~ Millett to SEFSEWG 2009.09

Optimal Management of Scrub for Florida Scrub-Jays: Ecology, Fragmentation, and Maintaining Populations into the Future ~ Boughton to SEFSEWG 2008.10

Linking Habitat and Demography to Make Mangement Decisions Based on Habitat and Population State ~ Breininger to SEFSEWG 2008.10

History of FSJs in WC FL ~ Wilde to BRWG 2008.04

Pasco Co FSJ Update ~ Tracey to BRWG 2008.04

Collaborating to Recover Florida Scrub-Jays on Conservation Lands ~ Breininger 2007.07

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Food, Fuel, and Fire: Assessing the impacts of fuel treatments on wildlife habitat quality in longleaf pine ecosystems ~ Freeman to NEFSWG 2015.05

Reading the Historical Landscape Using Ariel Photos and Other Web-based Tools ~ Belson to NEFSWG 2012.01

Ecological Site Descriptions ~ Carr to NEFSWG 2012.01

Setting Goals and Measurable objectives for Monitoring ~ Concoby to NEFSWG 2012.01

Reading the Historical landscape Using Web Soil Survey ~ Matos & Carr to NEFSWG 2012.01

Methods for Monitoring Vegetation Structure in Florida Scrub and Flatwoods ~ Schmalzer to NEFSWG 2012.01

Wildlife Conservation Prioritization and Recovery (WCPR): An Approach to Identify Monitoring Needs ~ Sullivan to NEFSWG 2012.01

Scrub Management Guidelines: A Comparison of Several Vegetation Sampling Methods ~ Cox to SEFSEWG  2011.02

Graphically Depicting Scrub Structure and Composition using GPS/GIS-based monitoring ~ Pace-Aldana to NEFSWG 2008.04

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2018 NE Scrub Working Group Meeting ~ Dupree to NEFSWG 5.2018

Gopher Tortoise Recipient Sites ~ King to SEFSEWG 4.2017

Burrowing Owls in Southeast Florida ~ Zambrano to SEFSEWG 4.2017

Coexisting with Wildlife at KSC ~ Bolt to NEFSWG 2016.10

Prescribed Fire & Birds in Florida’s Upland Pine Forests ~ Cox to BRWG 2010.09

Conservation Status of Arthropods on the Lake Wales Ridge ~ Deyrup to BRWG 2010.09

Sandhill Herps and Their Habitat Needs ~ Enge to BRWG 2010.09

Habitat Needs of Sherman’s Fox Squirrel ~ McCleery to BRWG 2010.09

Carnivores and Habitat Needs in Central Florida ~ McCown to BRWG 2010.09

Southeastern American Kestrel Population Monitoring and Recovery ~ Miller to BRWG 2010.09

Habitat Needs of Bats in Sandhills ~ Ober to BRWG 2010.09

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Lakela’s Mint and Savannas Mint: Status and long-term stability ~ Peterson to SEFSEWG 4.2017

Bok Tower Gardens Rare Plant Conservation Program ~ Peterson to NEFSWG 2015.05

Rare Plants of the Northeast Florida Scrub ~ Jenkins to NEFSWG 2015.05

Florida’s Endangered Lichen Species, Cladonia perforata: Morphological Analysis, Fragmentation, Growth Rate, and More ~ Witmer to SEFSEWG 2015.04

Progressional Conservation Efforts for Lakela’s Mint (Dicerandra immaculata) by the Rare Plant Conservation Program at Bok Tower Gardens ~ Peterson & Bupp to SEFSEWG 2013.10

Introduction to Plant Ecology ~ Bennington to NEFSWG 2013.06

Applied Examples of Native Plant Agronomy ~ Reams to NEFSWG 2013.06

Adaptations of Florida Scrub to Xeric, Low-nutrient Sites and Frequent Fire ~ Schmalzer to NEFSWG 2013.06

Unique Plants of the Coastal Scrub ~ Shropshire to SEFSEWG 2009.02

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Private Lands

FWC’s Landowner Assistance Program ~ Thurman to BRWG 2015.03

St. Lucie Environmentally Sensitive Lands Program ~ Fousek to SEFSEWG 2013.10

Landowner Assistance Program ~ Asleson to BRWG 2009.04

Tax Benefits for Agricultural lands ~ Dube to BRWG 2009.04

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Outreach & Volunteer Programs

Prescribed Fire Outreach at Jonathan Dickinson State Park ~ Warraich to SEFSEWG 2015.04

Strategies for Effective Natural Resource Communication ~ Monroe to NEFSWG 2014.06

Prescribed Fire Outreach Toolkit ~ Nell to NEFSWG 2014.06 and to SWFSWG 2014.02

Volunteers as Advocates for Scrub Management ~ Parken to SWFSWG 2014.02

Outreach Strategies for Messages Associated with Wild and Prescribed Fire ~ Colverson to SWFSWG 2012.09

Wildland Urban Interface Rx Burning Success Stories ~ Keegan to SWFSWG 2012.09

The Role of Social Media & Outreach in Prescribed Fire ~ Nell to SWFSWG 2012.09

Outreach Strategies for Rx Fire in the Wildland-Urban Interface Part 2: Lessons from the East Coast ~ Prusak to SWFSWG 2012.09

Partners in Fire Education: The Language of Fire ~ Prusak to SEFSEWG 2009.09

Brooksville Ridge Volunteer program ~ Brown to BRWG 2009.04

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Buidling Climate Resilience in Southeast Florida ~ Mitchell to SEFSEWG 2015.04

Strategic Conservation Planning ~ Northrop to SWFSWG 2014.02

Hobe Sound National Wildlife Refuge ~ Burst & Miller to SEFSEWG 2013.04

Issues with the Wildland-Urban Interface in South Florida ~ Moore & del Signore to SEFSEWG 2012.10

Florida: Shaped by Fire ~ Prusak to SEFSEWG 2009.09

Wildfires: DOF Mitigation Team and Management Along the Wildland-Urban Interface ~ Yunas to SEFSEWG 2009.02

Habitat Conservation Plans and the Incidental Take Permitting Process ~ Adams to SEFSEWG 2009.02

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